Itunes playlist

So I was thinking today about what I wat to put on my playlist for the plane ride to New York. Here’s my favorites what are yours?

1) Better Than Ezra At The Stars: It reminds me of the year that album came out sitting on a balcony up all night talking to a guy friend of mine. “Maybe I should drop you at your door. Or leave tonight and vanish up the shore. Anywhere but here….”

2) David Nail Red light: Don’t you just hate it when relationships end that way?

3)Zac Brown Band Chicken Fried: There is something about this song that no matter what mood I am in I smile and my day is better.

4) Ingram Hill On My Way: “I don’t want your old letters, I don’t want to be friends…..

5)Kenny Chesny Please Come to Boston: Story of my life

6) Travis Tritt It’s a Great Day to Be Alive: It gives me the same feeling as Chicken Fried.

7) Imogen Heap The Walk: Ever had someone that made you feel this way?

8)B.O.B. Airplanes: I just really like Haley Williams voice in this song

9) Wham Last Christmas: I can listen to this song year round! I just love it. Not real big on all the remakes.

10)Kenny Chesny Anything But Mine: This song brings me back to one spring break. I wonder where he is these days.

11) Matchbox 20 Back 2 Good: I’ve always loved this song. Went to a concert of theirs a while back and Rob Thomas said it was one of his favorites as well.

That’s my list for now. I’ll add to it over time

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I'm a Southerner, a Traveler, a sports fanatic, a dreamer, a picky wine drinker and avid reader. I love visiting new cities and seeing what they have to offer. I have a desk job but would much rather have a job on ESPN talking about SEC football. I love a good book it is an amazing way to escape. View all posts by Bosco2579

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