Future Thoughts

I would spend time thinking about you and I didn’t even know your name yet.

If you are single do you do that? or if you are married did you do that before you were ever introduced to your significant other?

As a joke on my recent trip to New Orleans I went to a tarot card reader. He proceeded to tell me that I have an ex boyfriend that I still talk to that has fairly light features and I have someone else in my life that has dark features who will be competing for me. Supposedly the dark features wins. Yeah we shall see. Anyway, this quote reminds me of that because I wonder all the time about that future person.


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2 responses to “Future Thoughts

  • Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities

    I don’t think I spent too much time imagining the person I’d end up with. I did every now and then stop and ask, “What will my life look like in a decade? Who will I be?” I think there is a majesty in imagining all of these things.

  • DP

    I went to a tarot card reader when I lived in NYC once. I must tell you it was pretty wild. She also read my friends palm and was pretty spot on.. like scary spot on. To the point where 3 years later we remembered and were talking about her and everything she had claimed had come to pass.

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