Some Days…..

So a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the San Diego Zoo. While passing this monkey’s habitat we noticed he was having a ruff day! Somedays I feel like this little guy looks. We laughed because he looks like he has a hangover and can’t find a dark place to rest.

I have this question journal that I purchased from Anthropologie and one of my favorite questions of the day is “What Noise are you today?” We laughed at that one but a friend of mine and I find ourselves asking each other that question every day.

What sort of day are you having? Do you feel better than the monkey? What noise are you today?


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I'm a Southerner, a Traveler, a sports fanatic, a techie, a dreamer, a politician, a terrible speller, and impulsive. I love visiting new cities and seeing what they have to offer. I have a desk job but would much rather have a job on ESPN talking about SEC football. I heart LSU sports, purple, cupcakes, and Better Than Ezra. I wish it was still the Tom Ford era of Gucci (he is just so iconic). I love a good book it is an amazing way to escape. View all posts by bosco2579

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