So this is my friend KK (She is who I am going visit in Dallas). She made me laugh last night by sending me a list of things we are going to do while I am in Dallas. I’m pretty sure the two of us need our own reality TV show. It could be the adventures of Brei and KK. I think people would tune in just to see what sort of trouble we get into.
The show could be a little about cooking, well eating to be exact. (Her grandpa is Tony Chachere). A lot about traveling and football. Throw some fashion in there and we are all set. I am sure KK would make sure everyone was exposed to a little cajun music as well!
Maybe I’ll get this little reality show of the ground this weekend.


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I'm a Southerner, a Traveler, a sports fanatic, a techie, a dreamer, a politician, a terrible speller, and impulsive. I love visiting new cities and seeing what they have to offer. I have a desk job but would much rather have a job on ESPN talking about SEC football. I heart LSU sports, purple, cupcakes, and Better Than Ezra. I wish it was still the Tom Ford era of Gucci (he is just so iconic). I love a good book it is an amazing way to escape. View all posts by bosco2579

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