Just a girl

I’m someone who gets excited when my favorite players do well for themselves. (Congrats Patrick for going to the Cardinals. You will be amazing!)

I’m just a girl who would rather watch the first round of the NFL Draft than the Royal Wedding.

Am I the only one unimpressed by the dress?

Note to Reggie Bush,STOP BEING A CRY BABY! With that pick by the Saints you should just make it fuel your fire to be better not give up.

Did Kate and Will really have to include the for Richer or Poorer? I mean really everyone in the world knows they will never be poor!


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I'm a Southerner, a Traveler, a sports fanatic, a techie, a dreamer, a politician, a terrible speller, and impulsive. I love visiting new cities and seeing what they have to offer. I have a desk job but would much rather have a job on ESPN talking about SEC football. I heart LSU sports, purple, cupcakes, and Better Than Ezra. I wish it was still the Tom Ford era of Gucci (he is just so iconic). I love a good book it is an amazing way to escape. View all posts by bosco2579

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