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So this is my friend KK (She is who I am going visit in Dallas). She made me laugh last night by sending me a list of things we are going to do while I am in Dallas. I’m pretty sure the two of us need our own reality TV show. It could be the adventures of Brei and KK. I think people would tune in just to see what sort of trouble we get into.
The show could be a little about cooking, well eating to be exact. (Her grandpa is Tony Chachere). A lot about traveling and football. Throw some fashion in there and we are all set. I am sure KK would make sure everyone was exposed to a little cajun music as well!
Maybe I’ll get this little reality show of the ground this weekend.

Favorite Things

I thought I would start a my favorite things post. I loved Emily’s from Cupcakes and Cashmere so much that I am going to do my take on the subject. Hope you enjoy!

I love fun photo booth pictures. These were taken over my last trip to New York with one of my best friends. Love when bars and weddings have photo booths. Have to say some of my favorite memories with friends have been captured by a photo booth!

I love the Rocker edge these Christian Louboutin’s have! No I don’t own these myself but they are on my wish list.

This truck is on my ultimate wish list! Love the Range Rover Defender.

Capri, Italy! One of the most magical places I have ever been.

The Rodin statue garden in Paris.

Some Days…..

So a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the San Diego Zoo. While passing this monkey’s habitat we noticed he was having a ruff day! Somedays I feel like this little guy looks. We laughed because he looks like he has a hangover and can’t find a dark place to rest.

I have this question journal that I purchased from Anthropologie and one of my favorite questions of the day is “What Noise are you today?” We laughed at that one but a friend of mine and I find ourselves asking each other that question every day.

What sort of day are you having? Do you feel better than the monkey? What noise are you today?

St. Valentine

I got this sweet sussy in the mail today when I got back from my work trip. I love my friends. They are absolutely some of the most thoughtful people I know. This little pick me up really made my day!