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It’s the little things

I had to drive 4 hours unexpectedly on Thursday from Baton Rouge to Shreveport, LA for work. We were having a class in Shreveport and I had to get the instructor from point A to point B.
We were staying at a local hotel that just happens to be a casino. I was a little leery and way tired by the time I got there. So I walked into the casino and was greeted by very loud Cajun music. I look over in the corner and there is this little old lady (looked around 80) with her walker. She is just going to town bopping up and down to the music. I have to say it was one of the cutest and funniest things I had seen in a long time. She was so happy to be there and dancing as best as she could.
It made me realize it really is the little things in life. I could have gone about the rest of my night and complained about being tired but just seeing how happy that lady was reminded me enjoy the small things in life!

Hug Your Bellman

So apparently Friday was hug your bellman day.