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Lyrical Monday

I don’t think of you every day and night
I got things to do, yeah, I’m doing alright
So I can’t explain why, in times like these
I nearly go insane when you’re not here with me

Oh, I know it’s really over and you’re never coming back
And there’s no way that I can make it right
Still I wonder, oh, I wonder, oh baby, I can’t help but wonder
Who’s kissing you tonight?
~Jason Aldean~


So this is my friend KK (She is who I am going visit in Dallas). She made me laugh last night by sending me a list of things we are going to do while I am in Dallas. I’m pretty sure the two of us need our own reality TV show. It could be the adventures of Brei and KK. I think people would tune in just to see what sort of trouble we get into.
The show could be a little about cooking, well eating to be exact. (Her grandpa is Tony Chachere). A lot about traveling and football. Throw some fashion in there and we are all set. I am sure KK would make sure everyone was exposed to a little cajun music as well!
Maybe I’ll get this little reality show of the ground this weekend.

Birthday Week

So it’s my Birthday week and I’m turning 32. Not a huge number. Nothing to be afraid of but I’m having one of those weeks. You know the one that everything goes wrong and you start to wonder why you are in the place you are. I usually love Birthday’s. But this year I am feeling a little Bethany Frankel about it. (If you watched this weeks episode you will know what I am talking about.)
I am excited about going visit friends in Dallas this year. Should be a ton of fun and a nice reprieve from Baton Rouge. Won’t have to worry about finding someone to take over my lease for the next six months so I can move into a much cheaper place. I’m sure I will have more than a few things to think about on my seven hour drive to Dallas all by myself. But you know sometimes that alone time is a good thing. Gives you time to reinvent yourself.


When someone invites you over for dinner, you don’t bring leftovers. That would be rude. So how come people bring their past relationship baggage into their relationships? That’s no different than bringing LEFTOVERS!


Help Chas…

I ran across this article today in the Daily Candy. It’s about a 40 year old bachelor who is looking for his soul mate. He made a website and is offering the person who finds his soul mate for him $10,000 (they must get married for you to claim the prize). It’s a truly funny website and it just goes to show that he has a sense of humor. I guess I never thought of looking for love by offering a reward but I do have to say it is innovative. Check out Chas’s website and help him in his search for love!

What do you think of what Chas is doing? Would you ever do something like this for love? What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?

Some Days…..

So a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the San Diego Zoo. While passing this monkey’s habitat we noticed he was having a ruff day! Somedays I feel like this little guy looks. We laughed because he looks like he has a hangover and can’t find a dark place to rest.

I have this question journal that I purchased from Anthropologie and one of my favorite questions of the day is “What Noise are you today?” We laughed at that one but a friend of mine and I find ourselves asking each other that question every day.

What sort of day are you having? Do you feel better than the monkey? What noise are you today?