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New Orleans

Oh What a Night

What a beautiful view of the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. Amazing night during Mardi Gras. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things. The amazing views, the good friends, and the great memories.

LSU, Louisiana, Inspire Better Than Ezra | LSU Gold

LSU, Louisiana, Inspire Better Than Ezra | LSU Gold.

A great story in my old college news paper about one of my, if not my favorite band on the planet! If you haven’t already purchased tickets to one od their shows you should! It is always an amazing time.

French Press display

Display in French Press, Lafayette, LA

Purple Gold (The Tiger in Me)

I found this video on Youtube today and I fell in love! Yes, I know it’s because I am crazy for LSU.

Fashion Don’t

The school board in town seems to be getting "behind" the anti-baggy pants movement. I thought this was really funny that they would take a billboard out!