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Favorite Things

I thought I would start a my favorite things post. I loved Emily’s from Cupcakes and Cashmere so much that I am going to do my take on the subject. Hope you enjoy!

I love fun photo booth pictures. These were taken over my last trip to New York with one of my best friends. Love when bars and weddings have photo booths. Have to say some of my favorite memories with friends have been captured by a photo booth!

I love the Rocker edge these Christian Louboutin’s have! No I don’t own these myself but they are on my wish list.

This truck is on my ultimate wish list! Love the Range Rover Defender.

Capri, Italy! One of the most magical places I have ever been.

The Rodin statue garden in Paris.


Oh What a Night

What a beautiful view of the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. Amazing night during Mardi Gras. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things. The amazing views, the good friends, and the great memories.

LSU, Louisiana, Inspire Better Than Ezra | LSU Gold

LSU, Louisiana, Inspire Better Than Ezra | LSU Gold.

A great story in my old college news paper about one of my, if not my favorite band on the planet! If you haven’t already purchased tickets to one od their shows you should! It is always an amazing time.

The Challenger

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger blowing up. It really got me thinking about that day and what do I really remember. For my generation it is one of those days you remember where you were when you saw or heard. I was in the school library watching the take off when the shuttle exploded. I remember being so young but still feeling for the loss those families felt.
Do you remember where you were?