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Locks of Love

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So yesterday was Valentine’s Day or as most people like to call it Tuesday. Because yesterday was all about Love it reminded me of one of my favorite traditions in Europe where a couple will take a lock, write their name on it, lock it to a bridge, and throw the key in the river. The way I interpret this is it symbolizes that they will be together forever. Super Sweet! I found these little symbols all over Europe. I think I first fell in love with them in Paris on a bridge near the Louvre. It made me wish I was in Paris with that special someone so we too could take a lock, write our initials on it, and throw away the key locked together for all eternity (or until the city decided to come cut our lock off with a bolt cutter because the locks are becoming overwhelming). In Florence I found these locks everywhere not just on bridges. If there was a place near the river to place the lock there would be a group clustered together.
Here’s a link to Garance Dore speaking about the Locks. Hope you enjoy!

The boys

Dutch loves to pretend he is a person. Hence the sitting on the chair.

I love this picture from when the boys were puppies. They love to splash water out of their water bowl outside creating a huge mess. It looks like Vegas was getting mad at Dutch for invading his territory. Super cute. Splash away boys summer is just around the corner.

Some Days…..

So a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting the San Diego Zoo. While passing this monkey’s habitat we noticed he was having a ruff day! Somedays I feel like this little guy looks. We laughed because he looks like he has a hangover and can’t find a dark place to rest.

I have this question journal that I purchased from Anthropologie and one of my favorite questions of the day is “What Noise are you today?” We laughed at that one but a friend of mine and I find ourselves asking each other that question every day.

What sort of day are you having? Do you feel better than the monkey? What noise are you today?

Oh What a Night

What a beautiful view of the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. Amazing night during Mardi Gras. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things. The amazing views, the good friends, and the great memories.

The Crescent City 2011

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I just wanted to share a few sights from my weekend trip to New Orleans. it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful colors and sights that I see in this wonderful city. If you could only hear the sounds coming out of these great musicians on the street. If you ever get a chance visit and soak up the gumbo that is New Orleans.

Paris July 2010

I was missing Paris a ton this weekend so I thought I would post some of my pictures from my last trip in July.
A friend of mine suggested we both put on our berets and wish real hard and maybe we could make it back.

Florence, Italy

French Press display

Display in French Press, Lafayette, LA

New York 2011

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Peels NYC