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Thursday Tunes

Loving Adam Levine these days and this song. Crank up the volume and enjoy!





Midnight City

I stumbled upon this song the other day and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. For now turn up the volume and enjoy!


I just think this video is AMAZING! Makes me want to pack a bag and travel across the globe right now discovering new things.


I know Mandy Moore is popular to like but there is just something about this song. The lyrics just get me. I guess we put so much time into other people and forget ourselves.

Jason Mraz

I got super excited yesterday when the Jazzfest times and stages were announced. Both Amos Lee and Jason Mraz are playing back to back on the same stage so I don’t have to move. What makes it even better is that Bon Jovi is playing at the same time as Jason and I am pretty sure the majority of the people will be watching him gving me an even better view and hopefully closer spot to enjoy!

Music Obsession of the week

If you haven’t guessed by now I heart Better Than Ezra. So in honor of their concert on Sat. I picked one of my favorite songs. Porcelain just brings back so many memories.

Purple Gold (The Tiger in Me)

I found this video on Youtube today and I fell in love! Yes, I know it’s because I am crazy for LSU.