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So I will start off by saying I used to be a fairly skinny girl growing up. I never had any problems with my weight. Well I hit 26 or 27 and started gaining weight rapidly. By no means am I obese but I have gone from a 4 to a 14. It’s hard for me mentally being a big girl now. You can’t dress the same way and it just makes you want to shrink into yourself. Anyway, this is not what this post is about.
This post is about motivation. I have started running of late. I’ve never been a huge exercise junky. In fact I hate it! So I am looking for motivation to get up in the morning to run. I’ve got to do it in the morning because I am working two jobs and well we all know if you wait till the evening it will never happen!
I’ve decided to make a couple of goals for myself in the form of races. The Crescent City Classic is at the end of April and it is a little over 6 miles and Bay 2 Breakers in San Fran. is in May and it is a little over 7 miles. I figure it will kill two birds with one stone. Lose weight and have a sense of accomplishment.
So I need a little help from you guys. What do you do for motivation? Are there songs that make you happy when you run? How do you make yourself get up in the morning to work out?