Jazzfest let down

So Saturday was my day of music. I went to-day two of JAZZFEST in NOLA to see Amos Lee and Jason Mraz. I took tons of pictures but something happened in the transfer between my camera and my computer! So sad. I always hate losing pictures. I’m just glad I wasn’t super close to either of the bands to get those great pictures because I would have been really sad then.

Anyway, Amos Lee played first and he is just amazing! I loved every minute of his performance even though I didn’t know any of the songs he sang. He just has such a soulful voice. I’d go see him again.

Jason Mraz was a total let down and he is who I originally went to see. So as you ,ight have guessed I left deflated. Not sure if I am a Jason Fan any longer. Sure there are a couple of his songs that I will always like but I would think twice about going see him again. I felt he tried to be Dave Mathews type jam band and I just didn’t expect that from him. We left before he was finished and before he played any songs I knew.

Not to worry we drove all the way back to Baton Rouge and went to the Varsity to see Better Than Ezra! They never disappoint! They have changed their set list up recently and don’t play some of my favorties but that’s ok I just love Kevin’s voice and humor.

Music Obsession of the week

If you haven’t guessed by now I heart Better Than Ezra. So in honor of their concert on Sat. I picked one of my favorite songs. Porcelain just brings back so many memories.

LSU, Louisiana, Inspire Better Than Ezra | LSU Gold

LSU, Louisiana, Inspire Better Than Ezra | LSU Gold.

A great story in my old college news paper about one of my, if not my favorite band on the planet! If you haven’t already purchased tickets to one od their shows you should! It is always an amazing time.

Itunes playlist

So I was thinking today about what I wat to put on my playlist for the plane ride to New York. Here’s my favorites what are yours?

1) Better Than Ezra At The Stars: It reminds me of the year that album came out sitting on a balcony up all night talking to a guy friend of mine. “Maybe I should drop you at your door. Or leave tonight and vanish up the shore. Anywhere but here….”

2) David Nail Red light: Don’t you just hate it when relationships end that way?

3)Zac Brown Band Chicken Fried: There is something about this song that no matter what mood I am in I smile and my day is better.

4) Ingram Hill On My Way: “I don’t want your old letters, I don’t want to be friends…..

5)Kenny Chesny Please Come to Boston: Story of my life

6) Travis Tritt It’s a Great Day to Be Alive: It gives me the same feeling as Chicken Fried.

7) Imogen Heap The Walk: Ever had someone that made you feel this way?

8)B.O.B. Airplanes: I just really like Haley Williams voice in this song

9) Wham Last Christmas: I can listen to this song year round! I just love it. Not real big on all the remakes.

10)Kenny Chesny Anything But Mine: This song brings me back to one spring break. I wonder where he is these days.

11) Matchbox 20 Back 2 Good: I’ve always loved this song. Went to a concert of theirs a while back and Rob Thomas said it was one of his favorites as well.

That’s my list for now. I’ll add to it over time