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Army Green

I fell in love with a jacket recently so much so that I just had to purchase it. Wish I could fall in love with a man as easily as I fell in love with the jacket but that is a whole different story.

Isn’t she cute? I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it everyday since I purchased it. It is just the perfect piece for me. I know I will be bringing this jacket with me anytime I travel. Let’s not kid ourselves here I will be bringing this piece with me to work on a daily basis. It’s a great weight for the plane ride where you don’t know if it is going to be freezing or burning up. It’s a perfect neutral color to throw on over just about any piece of clothing I own as well!

The only con I can find is that it only came in one other color! I really wish it came in Navy because I would have purchased that one too.

School Days

I’m currently lusting after these beautiful shoes right now.



They remind me of grade school. Because when I was running around the playground these were the type of shoes we wore. I’m pretty sure the price tag wasn’t as hefty (Rag and Bone version is $495, Yikes!). I just love the no laces look on this pair so if you guys know of any similar  without the hefty price tag send me the link. For now I will keep dreaming about winning the lotto so I can buy these shoes.

Lust List

Love this dress but I just wish it was in different colors.

Won’t this dress just be perfect for work?

These are just a few of the pieces I have been lusting after from Anthropologie.


Love this drawing. Makes me want to be her. This was done for the Vogue Ball by Garance Dore

Fashion Advice

So I need a little help here with a New Years Eve outfit. I’ve got this amazing navy skirt that I purchased from Anthropologie but I’m just not sure which top to put with it. I’m not normally a flashy person so two of the tops are a little out of my box. I’ll be in New York visiting a friend that night but am unsure of what we are doing. I know that doesn’t give you guys much to go on but for right now that is all I’ve got.

I don’t have a picture of the last top but it is just a grey animal print, 3/4 sleeve top, made of silk. Super cute but not at all eye-catching for the night.

Tell me what you think.

My only wish this year….

I know it’s not going to happen this year unless I gift this to myself but this amazing bag is at the top of my wish list. How stylish would we have been toting this fantastic bag around in college from class to class? Now that I am older I would just settle for toting it from job to job. Proenza Schouler gets an A+ in my book for the PS1. Wish I had this when I was in Europe this summer.