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The boys

Dutch loves to pretend he is a person. Hence the sitting on the chair.

I love this picture from when the boys were puppies. They love to splash water out of their water bowl outside creating a huge mess. It looks like Vegas was getting mad at Dutch for invading his territory. Super cute. Splash away boys summer is just around the corner.

The Crescent City 2011

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I just wanted to share a few sights from my weekend trip to New Orleans. it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful colors and sights that I see in this wonderful city. If you could only hear the sounds coming out of these great musicians on the street. If you ever get a chance visit and soak up the gumbo that is New Orleans.

Paris July 2010

I was missing Paris a ton this weekend so I thought I would post some of my pictures from my last trip in July.
A friend of mine suggested we both put on our berets and wish real hard and maybe we could make it back.