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How I almost ruined a marriage on accident…

So a little back story on me, I live in a home owned by a couple of friends who live in another state and only come back to Louisiana for big events (think Holidays, weddings and LSU football). Anyway, this couple made it home last weekend because the big event of choice was the Baton Rouge St. Patrick’s Day parade. (it’s kind of a big deal in these parts and we live two blocks away from the center of it all). 

Flashback: Thursday night I was getting ready for a friends going away party when I realized I had a piece of underwear in my nightstand that didn’t belong to me. I thought “Oh my laundry must have gotten mixed up with A’s the last time she was in town I will just throw it in her suitcase.” (Wouldn’t you think the same?) Well, I didn’t mention anything to A because I thought she would just recognize them and think nothing of finding them in her bag.


Present Day: I received a phone call this morning from A asking me if I thought M was cheating on her. Ummm, NO! What in the world!!!!? It’s only 6:45 in the morning! Was I awake enough for a question like that? Hmmmm, Probably not. Well, A proceeds to tell me why she thinks M is cheating on her. She tells me she found someones panties in her suitcase. In my head I am going, “OH SHIT, This is totally my fault!” So I have to stop her mid sentence to tell her what happened. Boy did I feel bad making A and M think something was going on. I am sure it was hard for them both to sleep last night. But I do have to say I wish I had been a fly on the wall when A held up the panties and asked M where they came from. I am sure his face was priceless! Anyway, that is my how I accidentally almost broke up a marriage. These things only happen to me. Pretty sure I should write a book.


ImageImage from Neiman Marcus